Welcome to our annual PTO fundraiser—the Bryant/Pattengill Read-A-Thon.


Important Documents (updated 3/2/2017)

The forms you will need to read and/or print on-line are as follows:

Daily Reading Raffle Tickets

Letter to Families

Prize Sheet

Read-a-thon Calendar

Sponsor Letter

Sponsorship Reminder

Student Sponsor Record

About Read-A-Thon

Welcome to our annual winter PTO fundraiser, the Bryant/Pattengill Read-a-Thon!

Rather than selling products to raise money, our students get to focus on READING – a win-win for our students and schools! Students will track their time spent reading (or being read to) to strive for a medal, win raffle prizes, and raise funds for our schools.

During Read-a-Thon days, your child should read as much as possible. Time spent reading BY parents/guardians/volunteers TO your child counts as well. For Bryant students, every 15 minutes of reading earns a raffle ticket. Pattengill students must read 1/2 hour to earn a raffle ticket. Each ticket must be signed by an adult and returned to school, to be counted.

A raffle prize drawing will take place each morning during Read-a-Thon. Some days feature double and triple drawings, so keep an eye on the Read-a-Thon calendar! Time spent reading also counts toward earning a Read-a-Thon medal. See the Read-a-Thon prize sheet to learn what it takes to earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal! All participating students will receive a pencil.

Raising money for our schools is an important part of Read-a-Thon. Please ask your family and friends to pledge money for the minutes your child spends reading. DO NOT allow your child to ask strangers. Students can earn prizes for the amount of sponsorship money they raise. See the student sponsor record and prize sheets to learn more.

What the PTO fundraiser money will be used for...

Funds raised through Read-a-Thon help the PTO to provide classroom supplies and equipment, field trips, and fun and educational school events for students and families.


Please contact us at or your classroom teacher with any questions.