Pattengill Elementary School
Upper School, Grades 3 to 5

Contact Information
2100 Crestland Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Bell Schedule

2019-20 AAPS Bell Schedules

Time Description
8:53 am First Bell
8:56 am Second (Tardy) Bell
1:29 pm Early Dismissal Bell
3:59 pm Dismissal Bell

Bus Schedules & Routes

Dropoff & Pickup
Students arriving in cars should not be dropped off prior to 8:30 am. Parents may drop off and pick-up students using the circular drive. When picking up or dropping off, please pull all the way forward to the orange cone. For safety reasons, we ask that your child (ren) exit the car at the curb and not be allowed to walk/run across the parking lot without an adult. Please do not drop off/pick up on Ridge Road, as this area is reserved for buses.

After School Classes
Rec & Ed offers a variety of enrichment classes for children. Typically 4:10pm to 5:10pm.

Packing a lunch? Items containing any type of nuts/tree nuts are okay.


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