About the PTO

Thank you for your interest in the PTO! We are an all-volunteer group of parents and teachers committed to creating positive experiences at Bryant and Pattengill Elementary Schools. While the elected board helps ensure the PTO works to aid the school Principals in reaching their goals, we could not function without the parent volunteers who help plan and run all of our events. Feel free to contact us with any questions or peruse some helpful links containing information about our schools. The PTO bylaws can be viewed here.

What does the PTO do?

The primary goal of the PTO is to build a safe and fun community and enhance the education for all children during their time at Bryant and Pattengill. We do this by supporting enrichment during the school day and through community-building events during evenings and weekends.

The PTO's mission

The Bryant/Pattengill PTO exists to support the education of students at Bryant/Pattengill Elementary Schools through volunteer/parent funded enrichment activities, to strengthen the relationship between our CommUNITY families and our schools, and to enhance the academic, cultural, and social development of ALL Bryant/Pattengill students.

What does the PTO fund?

Your financial contribution to the Bryant/Pattengill PTO goes directly into the PTO budget—100 percent of your support goes to those activities that enhance your children’s school experience!

We are committed to give every child in our “Super Pair” an equal opportunity to participate on every level. The Bryant/Pattengill PTO fully funds several essential enrichment activities for our students. Every dollar raised is put back into programs that support our children. Activities supported include: field trip fees; buses for field trips; handwriting workbooks; classroom books; art, music, playground, and teacher supplies; Science Olympiad; International Festival; Family Science Night; Popsicles on the Playground; and 5th grade camp scholarships.

How do I join the PTO?

All parents are automatically members of the PTO and there is no fee to join. We welcome you and your input at any time to make school events and your child’s experience here at Bryant/Pattengill one of the most rewarding and memorable times of their lives!