Resource Requests

The Bryant/Pattengill PTO aims to support our community by using its resources to enhance the education of all of the students. The three main resources that we can supply are our funds, ourselves, and our voice. While we do our best to budget these resources in a way that will best serve our community, we realize that there are lots of needs that we will not anticipate. As such, please see the options below for requesting funds, volunteers, or advertising from the PTO.

Funding requests

Bryant/Pattengill PTO funds are derived from donations by families and earnings from PTO-coordinated school events. In addition to the funds used to put on PTO events, the PTO has budgeted funds for the following:

  • Back to school supply gift cards for Teachers

  • Field Trips (student fees + bussing). Current budget allows 1 trip outside AAPS trips per grade. If we raise enough money additional trips may be possible.

  • Literacy Endowment: For enrichment books, staff literacy resources, and literacy-based professional development

  • Mini-Grants: For items not currently covered in the PTO budget. Must benefit an entire grade or school

To apply for a funding request, teachers must first request approval for the request from their principals. Principal approval should be emailed to Once this is complete, please complete the request here.

Volunteer requests

The Bryant/Pattengill PTO keeps an active directory of parent and community volunteers. We also advertise for volunteers through the Principal Newsletter.

Example Volunteer Requests:

  • Room Parents - can help you organize classroom events, supplies and parent volunteers.

  • Field Trip Chaperones

  • Classroom support - help with events or class celebrations, extra help for math or reading, specials support

  • Behind the Scenes support - can be at school or from home (e.g. make packets, shelve books, help writing grant)

  • Topic Expert - volunteers who can share unique experience or knowledge with your class (e.g. engineer, author, black history month)

If you are in need of volunteers for your classroom or for an event, please fill out the form here.

Advertising requests

The Bryant/Pattengill PTO tries its best to communicate useful and relevant information to the members of our community. If your classroom is running a fund raiser, is looking for a particular donation, hosting an event, or has something that should be shared with the community at large we would be happy to help share that message. Please feel free to use the form below to make a request for advertising and we will do what we can to spread the word!

If you would like us to share something for your classroom, please fill out the form here.